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Abel Kayode Otitoju is a visual storyteller, whose journey into the exciting world of photography began on a fine autumn afternoon in 2011, having stumbled upon an image on his computer screen and wondered how it was created.

His sheer curiosity soon developed into a full-blown, deep-seated passion for creating and capturing moments. Spurred by this passion, he left Kaduna - a state in north-western Nigeria where he was born and raised - abandoning his certificate in Computer Science and relocating to Lagos, where his horizon in the art of photography was broadened as he constantly taught himself and learned per the images he created and designed; graphic designing being one of his innate potentialities.

As the philosophical photographer that Kayode has grown to become, his works are unique for their abstract nuances in terms of the ideas and concepts that they tend to illustrate. Conceptual photography being his forte, Kayode seeks to tell stories in pictures, one image at a time.

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Abel Kayode


+2348035968546, +2347053467426


Facebook: facebook.com/abelkayode/

Instagram: instagram.com/kayodeabel/

Twitter: twitter.com/KayodeAbel

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